Egg House Art is the home of socially-engaged artist Libby Davy and colleagues, working on the basis that:

  • Everyone is born creative, and it’s a basic human right to develop this
  • Process, outcome and quality matter
  • Art and creativity are profound enablers for healthy individuals, communities and society
  • Online and physical world both matter, the former as an enabler and amplifier, the latter as central to our lives as multi-sensory, whole beings
  • ‘The spectacle of the object’ and the ‘Artist as genius’ is problematic
  • The natural world is the great muse.

Projects range from:

  • Social sculpture (eg. Message Eggs, The “Good to See You Project“)
  • Interventions (eg. The Radical Act of Conversation, Dalking)
  • Creativity workshops + retreats (for children, adults, families, accountants)
  • Photography (eg. Turning Towards Winter @ Blank Studios for Brighton Festival 2010)
  • Curation + events (eg. First Global Love Cafes @ Southbank Festival of Love Fringe, Open House @ Brighton Festival, White Nights workshops, Playful with Message Eggs)
  • Workshops + classes
  • Sculpture + installation work.

Egg House Art was founded by Libby  in 2009. Soon after, we were short listed for Best Open House when we launched our first project during the 2009 Brighton Festival, the UK’s largest multi-arts festival, then invited to join the Fiveways Artists Group who founded the Open House scheme.

We are embedded within the Brighton community and work regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2010 Libby was invited to became a member of Blank Studios + Gallery in Brighton. In 2012 she began the MA in Participatory + Community Arts at Goldsmiths / University of London, having already been informally doing it for several years before.”Artist as catalyst, activist, shaman, therapist, facilitator, educator.”

We are playing with the expression “artist as cultural chiropractor”, by which we mean to gently realign the core of an individual or community, possibly the wider society with skillful, holisitic intervention that allows body, head (logic), heart (emotion) and spirit (intuition) to work together for health and well being.

Let every part of merrie England be merry in its own way.”

– John Maynard Keynes’ BBC radio talk about the founding of the Arts Council, July 1945. More here…

Read about some of our past, present and future projects here on our News & Fresh blog, and throughout this website. [Currently Linked In is most up-to-date… http://www.linkedin.com/in/libbydavy]

We work to build trust, relationships and observable results. We measure, revise and refine what we do. A 20-year practice in strategic communications, community development, social media, art and campaigning supports this.

“…outstanding capacity to think outside the box… demonstrates an uncanny adeptness to challenge established convention and thinking in order to generate exciting new possibilities…

“innovative capabilities and passion directed to improve lives in highly ethical and sustainable ways.”

Odette Haley, Social Ecologist

Our work aims to be in support of community aspiration with genuine creative involvement. We aim to co-create great experiences, artifacts and artworks for ongoing reflection and dialogue – that invite positive transformation in small and large ways.

Sometimes we just breathe in, breathe out – and play.

We are inspired by, and have worked with, people like…

Picture 5

Much inspiration also from…

Creativity, co-creation, becoming, learning, voice, inclusion, engagement, participation, critical literacy, intervention, celebration, spirit, love and fun all relate to Egg House antics. We like laughing and thinking.

“Great to work with… at the design and development stage as well a natural in the delivery, working with a mixed bunch to help them learn the skills and confidence they need.”

“SCIP” Mark Walker, Community Educator / Catalyst

Catalyst, facilitator, consultant, alchemist, healer, community builder, educator, connector, collaborator, translator.

We use conceptual and physical media, including: photography, film & video, drawing, sculpture, public art, text/writing, puppetry, painting, installation, curation, workshops, subvertisements, publishing, websites, social media, memes, software, music, time, space, text messages, mobiles, social games, intervention and performance – or whatever the project is asking for.

We also create artist-led responses to real world issues, resulting in public art, exhibitions, installations and other outcomes.

Our methodology and close network of colleagues and advisers allow us to work effectively in this way.

Get in touch to talk about your ideas, vision or goals.

“A new paradigm of an engaged, participatory and socially relevant art is emerging.”

Suzi Gablik