Anish Kapoor to direct Brighton Festival 2009

Turning the World Inside Out II, 1995

Anish Kapoor, Turning the World Inside Out II, 1995

“ I’m thinking about the mythical wonders of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Tower of Babel. It’s as if the collective will comes up with something that has resonance on an individual level and so becomes mythic. I can claim to take that as a model for a way of thinking. Art can do it, and I’m going to have a damn good go. I want to occupy the territory, but the territory is an idea and a way of thinking as much as a context that generates objects.[1]

Anish Kapoor is a bit of a hotty by all accounts and has created a body of work I’ll keep coming back to. I particularly like the scale on which Anish has been able to work, the ideas and forms he is exploring and his interest in the spirit.

“Throughout his career, Kapoor has worked extensively with architects and engineers. Kapoor insists that this body of work is neither pure sculpture nor pure architecture, “they are all about a certain kind of religious space”. (Wikipedia)

Then there is the project (touring exhibition and book) he, Bill Viola, Sebastao Salgado etc did for Tibet. The Missing Peace – Artist’s Consider the Dalai Lama. Extra points there entirely!

Big plans afoot for the Brighton Festival. Love the way Wikipedian’s end up telling it like it is (?) The PR person’s schpeel seems to have ended around near the (*). Good on you Anish. Show us how it’s done. Every struggling artist needs a beacon of hope – with or without breasts.

“The 43rd Brighton Festival in May 2009 (2-24) is headed up for the first time by Chief Executive Andrew Comben and in a new initiative he has appointed internationally celebrated artist Anish Kapoor as the Festival’s first ever Guest Artistic Director. Bringing cohesion and cross-over to the programme through connected themes and ideas, Kapoor will bring 7 pieces to the City including two new commissions specifically for sites in Brighton, alongside a performance programme heralded as being “far more adventurous and exciting and ambitious than ever before… a dazzling line-up which any Festival in the world might envy” 9 March 2009. (*) The amount paid to Anish Kapoor is said to be huge and Kapoor hasn’t yet been seen in Brighton and didn’t even make it to the festivals launch.” (Wikipedia)

Let’s see what Anish can do for/with/by Brighton. But who’s myth-making is it?

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