Beata Rafflewska-Jacobs for Chicago Show

Beata Rafflewska-Jacobs

Beata Rafflewska-Jacobs

Our own dear Beata has been invited to exhibit at a prestigious fine art space in Chicago also in May 2009.

Woman Made Gallery promotes the diverse contributions of women in the arts through exhibitions and other programs that serve, educate and enrich the community. They have a focus on women artists, performers and writers who share an interest in the interaction of the arts in contemporary culture.

The exhibition Beata’s work has been chosen for is called “The Emotional Body“. Some dense and instantly seductive work here, which will resonate with many art lovers.

Beata recently graduated from Brighton University’s Master in Fine Arts programme. She was chosen as an MA Star during her interim show in 2008. Before her MA, Beata did Foundation Studies at Brighton’s City College (part-time), where she studied with Phil Tyler and Claire Nias, among others.

Here’s what Axis Web’s critic Katayoun Pasban Dowlatshahi had to say about Beata’s work at that time:

Few artists I have ever come across have the ability to imbue appropriated objects within their art with such profundity and subtle humour.

Beata Rafflewska is, as the title of her body of work ‘Pinocchios’ suggests the creator who breathed life into her wood and metal creations, ‘I saw a hidden life in tiny pieces of wood and metal. They had already had their adventures because they were found objects.’ (Pinocchios MA catalogue, 2007).

Rafflewska’s constructions are essentially interventions; narratives and relationships; within the arrangements you sense her touch, her thoughts and most profoundly her ability to permeate beauty into the most mundane objects.

‘Andromeda Chained to a Rock’ is not simply a spoon and a cast iron weight; it is as its title suggests a heroine’s complex tragedy unfolding in the minds eye. Rafflewska’s sculptures are thought provoking and humorous, she stands out as the focal point of this year’s Brighton MA show. (Katayoun Pasban Dowlatshahi, 2007)

I first came across Beata and her work at her Graduate show and was equally impressed. It seems fated now, that we would find each other when the call went out for the Open House. I feel blessed to know her. She is a true artist and deeply committed to her practice.

If you are lucky enough to take home a piece of Beata’s work now, you’ll save yourself a small fortune in years to come. Or just come to know how rich with meaning, known and unknown objects can become.
Beata’s website can take you on an adventure of your own.
We are meeting on Thursday to talk about an installation during the Brighton Festival / Artists Open Houses for the street front of The Egg House on Thursday. Come back soon to see what develops.

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