Open Weekends 1-24 May

And so it came to pass… 11 Brighton-based artists exhibiting at The Egg House as part of the Artists Open House scheme. New work inspired by the depth & magic of fairytales – modern & traditional, the light and the dark.


Chess? Thomas Forsyth

Daily storytelling & an open art project for children & the young at heart. Cakes to die for, but no poisoned apples to beware of.

Libby Davy, Beatrice Davy-Sutherland, Katja Dell, Sarah Elwick, Thomas Forsyth, Peter Gates, Ellie Noakes, Jo Offer, Beata Rafflewska-Jacobs, Athol Tufnell, Sarah Vosmer, Claire Western & friends.

Painting, ceramics, sculpture, installation, video, drawing, screen prints, photography, knitwear, jewelery, toys & surprises

Open all four weekends of the Brighton Festival from 11am to 5pm.

* tea & cakes
* children’s activities
* free parking
* garden open
* workshops/demos
* first time open

More about Brighton’s now world-famous Artist’s Open House Scheme.

Private View invitations available on request. Email us or call Libby Davy on 07968 687 107.

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