Best Open House 2009?


Just been called to say The Egg House has been shortlisted for the Best Artist’s Open House award in the Brighton Festival this year. Claire Western’s going to the awards ceremony tonight on our behalf as I am in bed fighting off a lurgy (and nursing a broken toe!)

We are chuffed and pleased and exhausted.

Based on the comments you have all been offering, it has indeed been a very well received show. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

Previous winners have included the luminary Dragonfly House, just a few streets away in Ditchling Rise. Marc has been very helpful in offering advice to us in setting up. He and his wife Angie have been opening their house to connect artists and art lovers for over 15 years, with a stunning array of fine art and craft on offer. To be in anyway associated with Artist’s Open Houses like this is just dandy.

Last chance to see both houses this weekend, 11-5pm.

The Egg House is 30 Havelock Road BN16GF. Great tea and cakes in the garden too…

But will we do it all again next year!? We shall see….

Don’t miss the Selector’s Choice exhibition also. Our own Beata Rafflewska-Jacobs in one of the few artist’s from all the Open House’s to have had work chosen for this.

The Selectors’ Choice exhibition, upstairs at The Regency Town House, showcases work of artists exhibiting in the Open Houses. The exhibition, chosen by curators from Brighton Museum, Pallant House Gallery Chichester and The Regency Town House, mixes accomplished, dynamic and engaging work in a stunning gallery space.

A few more comments from our guestbook here:

The House is looking brilliant. Very exciting. Love it.

I liked the cartoon prints, especially the Red Riding one.

Lovely mix of fascinating pieces.

Will recommend this house.

Most enjoyable visit, very friendly atmosphere.



The Egg House was chosen as 1 of 10 out of 240 Artists Houses. It was our first year. The houses were judged on:

  • Professionalism of artists
  • Breadth of exhibits in terms of widest appeal
  • Use of the house as a gallery i.e. best curation

The winner was ‘Pandora’s basement‘, 44b Springfield Rd, No 12 in Beyond the level trail – also their first year.

Mind the Steps and Round the Bend… We welcome you to experience a medley of indoor and outdoor visual treats. Come on down for lights, installations, and a world of contained curiosities. And tea and cakes too!”

Runner up, Ned Hoskins, 109 Stanford Ave, No 7 in Fiveways trail.

“Ned moved to Brighton in 1980 and he first open my house to the public in 1982, “I never thought that I would be still living in Brighton and doing the Artists Open Houses with out a break in 28 years time. I also find that having this annual opportunity to review my work and discuss my paintings with the visitors, helps me to move forward with my ideas for the next years work. An experience one seldom get when showing in a gallery space.”

Of course these things are very subjective, and if your own favourite won’t be the next person’s perhaps. Best thing is to just get along to as many as you can, with recommendations from those you share interests with I guess.

Congrats to all. Do check them out if you get a chance.

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