Creative Engagement


TV Turn Off Week – a still from the TV “uncommercials” we tried buying airtime for and ended up getting seen by millions for free! (well with a bit of effort)

One of the things we love here at Egghouse Art is this thing we are calling Creative Engagement. When the client is Amnesty or even Yo Sushi (hello people, we are ready to talk), it’s worth using every technique at your disposal to get the message across in a busy world.

This kind of work sits between Libby’s background in communications, marketing and activism – and the kind of conceptual and participatory spaces we are opening up.


Come back soon for some examples of our own past, present and future engagement projects… including:

  • Culture Jamming – a cheeky attempt to buy national TV Advertising for a media literacy campaign (TV Turn Off Week), then turning it into a rampant news story when we were refused space.
  • Or imagine how our Postcard Yourself could work at a space or event you know of.

We’re also pretty savvy (ahem) about how to get the secondary attention of viral emails due to our other enterprise Nodestone. Thanks for sending this one in Gussy and everyone else in the long chain before we got it.


Mondo Pasta


Tangled phone lines are a common sight on the streets of Bangkok , so Procter & Gamble decided to take advantage of how they resembled long strands of tangled hair.


New York City , USA . Wordings around the cup reads “Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up. –from Folgers”.

image005Coop’s Paints made use of the side of a building right through to the car park for this ad.

” The mouse pad that every guy needs.” This controversial idea was done in Dubai by Sandeep Fernandes and Husen Baba Khan for the male deodorant, Axe .


This is a clever ad for HSBC by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai ad agency in India . The bank wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming, so the ad guys glued an aerial photo of a city’s skyscrapers to the base of a swimming pool.


This is an ad for a job recruiting company in Berlin , Germany . Depicting people working in the vending machines, ATMs, it delivers the message that ‘Life is too short for the wrong job’.


Watch Around Water is a campaign designed to educate the public about what adequate supervision is, and encourage parents/guardians to take on the responsibility for adequately supervising their children while visiting public aquatic facilities.


A billboard for Zwilling J.A. Henckels , famous knife-makers


“Reserved For Drunk Drivers”


This promotional poster for a self defense school is quite creative: take one of the teeth and call for a free lesson at the self defense school.


“Thousands are held prisoners for their beliefs in places worse than this. Write until you free them all. Amnesty International”

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