Wisdom Eggs, Dalking… it’s all (playfully) happening!


Just a quick update as we fly into production and nestle in to offering Wisdom Eggs at Playful 2010 next week – “a day of cross-disciplinary frolicking”.

Crack+Ponder+Learn.  Mini-clay sculptures with hidden messages inside.

What do you think about PLAY? Tweet @thisisplayful or email libby@egghouseart.com up to 30 of your own words or (if you really can’t think of anything personal) quoteable quotes for Wisdom Egg fame before end of Wednesday 22 Sept if possible.

We will make them into Wisdom Eggs and share them with the 300+ plus artists, educators, game developers and other creative movers + shakers at Playful 2010.

Whether you have ever experienced Jung’s synchronicity in action or not, a certain kind of magic does happen…

Plus, our clever Egg House Artist /Activist Bea Davy-Sutherland (9) is taking on the computer games industry with her talk and short film at Playful on the ethical impact of games like Moshi Monsters + Club Penguin on children. Club Penguin / Disney Europe are planning to use the short film for blogger outreach, extending the meme even further. Congrat’s Bea (+ Mummy)!

Meanwhile, Dalking is taking off around the globe. Next Great Dalk UK (Brighton) is Monday 20 Sept.  A seaside / maritime theme suggested for those that want to dress up a little or a lot. Secret location to be texted to you Monday morning. At the same time, there will be a simultaneous Great Dalk being held in the French Pyrenees thanks to Mz Emma Wallace, with another coming to San Fransisco soon…

Viva  playful, hopefully a little profound and provocative participation! Phew!

2 responses to “Wisdom Eggs, Dalking… it’s all (playfully) happening!

    • Happy to do a group with WA Youth Theatre around the streets of Perth / Fremantle / Leederville / Midland? as a performance piece / promo if you are interested. Will be back next year at some point.

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