Warning: Bad Egg Jokes follow!

Egg House has now eggspanded to include some very Good Eggs…

  • Simone Bennett – Creative Manager
  • Tania Fullerton – Creative Retreat co-facilitator
  • Assuntina Cardillo-Zallo – Retreat’s Yoga Teacher
  • Heidi Wood – Retreat’s Masseur (Brighton-based) 07969 393 569

Simone is going to help us develop the Shhh Secret Eggs of Love gift making service, creative retreats and other eggscellent projects we are working on.

The other three ladycakes are helping get our first Creative Retreat skipping and humming. It’s going to be grand… Still a few places left if you get in touch soon.

We’ve also just bought a new nest with our nest egg, right next to woodland but only 15 minutes to central Brighton. Lots of trees to hug and places to play.

…AND joined Blank Studios + Gallery.

So eggscuse me as I must be off. Time for this little birdy to go rest…

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