Metta Eggs cracked open…

Metta Eggs…

What are they?

Social sculptures… small clay sculptures filled with your favourite words of goodness, nested and infused with essential oils. (A bit like fortune cookies but you don’t eat them!) Crack and ponder when the time is right or give as a unique, handmade gift.

People contribute their own thoughts and feelings on a given topic, plus quotes from special people.

Intervention – Metta Eggs were offered to random strangers – tired shoppers and shop keepers – in the North Laines of Brighton, on a rainy late November day in 2009. Topic: Hopes + Fears (Pandoras Box). See photos below.

Conference – 400 Metta Eggs on the topic of Play, filled with crowd-sourced wisdom prior to the event via Twitter + Facebook. Playful10,  Conway Hall, London.

Get in touch if you would like to create a catalyst for learning / interaction / celebration at your next event.

Workshops – White Night 2010. 20+ people young and old learnt how to make their own Wisdom Eggs filled with their own words or quotes on the topic of Enlightenment.

Contact us about workshops for Metta Eggs in your community, family or circle.

Wisdom: the application of knowledge

needed to live a good life.”

Metta Eggs work well in a range of contexts, with messages coming from within communities, and can be provocatively topic-specific, eg. creativity wisdom for an accountants conference, playfulness wisdom for Google developers, ‘inner child’ wisdom for Pixar creatives, ecological wisdom for politicians.

Metta Eggs  – Gift making

People contribute their own words of love and happy memories. Currently (Nov 2010) working on three bespoke commissions…

– 40th birthday with friends writing the words for 40 eggs… the birthday girl will have them for years to come, opening one whenever she feels the urge…

– a sweet Christmas nestful for an 80 year old father from his every loving daughter…

– a Christmas gift to a mother who is also very much loved.

Each recipient will receive their nest of eggs in a box specially chosen for them.

A totally unique, bespoke contemporary art work for christmas, big birthdays, proposals / engagements, weddings and other celebrations

Filled with:

– happy memories

– what you love most about that person

Metta Eggs

For christenings and other rites of passage.

Before this stage, it all began with a walk through the Laines of Brighton…

“Cracking piece of participatory art. Fun and philosophy. Inspiring stuff!”

“The best conceptual piece to visit all year”

“It was nice to have this, and hope.”

“You’ve given my food for thought.”

“It’s an interesting experience for me. I’ll always remember it. I’m looking forward to seeing your project!”

“A fun piece of interactive art!”

“You brought joy into this shop this afternoon – a meeting of minds and souls.”

“What a lovely idea and person.”

“I think it’s really mysterious and a fun idea. The egg is really sweet!”

“Lovely project and I got a lovely quote/message.”

“Profound. Hmmm….”

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PANDORA’S BOX – What do you hope for? What/who do you fear?

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