These are a few of our favourite (mad film prop) things…

Check out the prop list we are lending to the fine folk at Court Farm Films for a children’s film making workshop. Our Zombie-o-phile 11 year-old Bea Davy-Sutherland has two days to make something starting tomorrow.

Anyone interested in creative writing, screen play or film for that matter could no doubt get inspiration for a right rollicking story from any or all of this lot.

Any random list of words is fun to play with dontya think? Especially ones like these (which have been tumbled together over many years in the dress ups box and marinated fabulouisilly in a great many party juices).

I think they need to be chopped up and put in a hat and boiled til they are done.

All ideas welcome via twitter @libbydavy or here.

1. Plastic specimen bags (Exhibit A)
2. Hacked up feather hat (eaten by mutant corgis who realised the Queen was a fake or a cross dresser or actually a lizard)
3 A roll of “Fragile” tape
4. A small trick or treat skeleton suit (body + mask)
5. Wooden sword (burnt)
6. Metal “sword” / knife sharpener
7. Knightly ensign (felt)
8. Purple fluffy leg flares
9. Blonde dischevelled wig
10. Black Bobbed “Uma tumbled through the hedge” wig
11. Viking helmet with wig attached
12. Black + red witchy wig (or Russell Brand had a very late night)
13. Chinese communist hat (stained with Tibetan blood)
14. Leather studded dog collar
15. Devil ears
16. Leaf crown
17. 1/2 tank of helium with heart shaped balloons + red ribbon (to fill up to 10 filled balloons and/or do the squeaky voice trick)
18. Lizard Mask
19. Cow Mask
20. Tiger Mask
21 Hawaiian flower lea
22 TWO sets of pixy ears
23 Black sunglasses
24 Black afro wig
25 1 white glove
26 Waistcoat
27 Fairy wings
28 Large fake hippy peace necklace
29 Silver glitter fabric
30 Beaver mask
31 Vampire teeth
32 Two fluffy wolf tails (NEED SAFETY PINS TO ATTACH)
33 Heart wand
34 Pink neck collar (punk // disco // cyber doggy)

Let's hear your thoughts....

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