Metta Eggs getting hatched

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We’re in, nested, and cracking on here at Fusebox24.

A group of 12 creative + digital innovators were selected to be in the programme, with EU’s Recreate and Arts & Humanities Research Council funding.

Our aim is to zoom out, zoom in, iterate and develop. In 24 weeks.

The art experiment  we started back in 2009 – to see how people would respond to discovering messages inside eggs – has formed and reformed to become Metta Eggs and then Share Gratitude.

Metta Eggs has been operating in the UK and Australia for a couple of years now, with invitations to franchise in the USA, South Africa and Japan, and much compelling feedback to keep going.

We’ve found out a lot about how this personalised gift experience can help people give and receive love, working with over 300 people around the world in 30 sub-projects. I’ve also spent time working as an artist in residence at a leading hospice, done a Post-Grad in Participatory Art and researched interlinking spheres of knowledge like resonance, happiness, mindfulness and emotional contagion.

Now a wider space is emerging around how we can help people connect with each other and share important messages in other ways, at all stages of  life.

It seems we might be in the process of “disrupting” (as they say) the greeting card and gift industries by bringing more meaning and connection in – helping people in know what to say. We’re also really interested in what motivates and prevents people from sharing positive emotions, as well as how these exchanges help build resilience.

All in the name of love! Which seems to be back in fashion.

Several concepts beyond the initial Metta Eggs offer are now in development, and we are loving the new energy and perspectives available in the space here.

Viva innovation!

In the next six months things will become much clearer, working pretty much full-time in a very dynamic space with mentoring and creative sessions every Monday and Friday to sandwich the week.

Check it out! ” Fusebox24, Powered with love from Wired Sussex”. Seems The L Word is in use everywhere.

The trick will be to meet people where they are. For some, a cup of tea in the morning is true love, and that’s fine with me.

Much musing and cracking on to be shared here as the thot plickens.

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