Relax, Stretch, Express

1-3 March 2013

(Bookings now open. Places limited to 15 people only.)


At Braziers Park, a warm, Grade II “architectural treasure” in South Oxfordshire just 90 minutes from central London.

Yoga with Pam Norman + Creative Sessions with Libby Davy.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, + having fun.” Mary Cook

The Egg House Art Creativity + Yoga Retreat provides a space for you to nurture your life with fun, transformative creative activities, deep yoga, nature walks, big open fires, long scented baths, three organic meals provided a day (seasonal, local, home cooked) and music by the fire.

“Just loved it. So great to fill the well with such goodness.”

No previous experience required

All skill + confidence levels catered for

We will be in the delightful and inspiring surroundings of Braziers Park, a Grade II listed, “architectural treasure” hidden in the Oxfordshire countryside in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

More about Braziers Park.

Friday (6pm for dinner) to Sunday (lunch), leaving around 3pm.

Based on the great feedback we had from our last creative retreat, will be offering many of the same activities again with a few changes to keep it interesting for people returning… like our inspirational new Yoga Teacher Pam Norman! Here’s what’s on offer…

  • Painting
  • Gift card making
  • Clay play
  • Drawing
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Sleeping, eating, hanging out!
  • Walking meditation
  • Metta Eggs for yourself (or someone special in your life)
  • Nature art (inspired by The Mother Nurture Project)
  • Bonfire in the evening
  • Reflective / creative writing
  • Post Yourself Collage

We encourage you to try what’s on offer, and there will be no pressure. It is your weekend to enjoy. You can attend all or some of the sessions and will have choices. We will help you listen to yourself to tune into what you want and need, encouraging you to also stretch yourself a little or a lot, as you desire.

About Pam Norman

“I’ve practiced yoga for over ten years, drifting from teacher to teacher and trying out courses all over London. With Pam, I finally feel I want to keep still, to focus and to learn. She is a knowledgeable and confident teacher, able to reflect the mood of her students in her classes. Pam’s approach is genuine and kind but also extremely rigorous. After a session, I always feel stronger, with more energy and awareness of the world around me. I couldn’t recommend Pam highly enough!”  Gemma Seltzer, Arts Council London

More feedback about Pama Yoga here.

About Libby Davy

Libby has over 20 years experience teaching creative expression. She has a warm, inclusive approach to creativity where both the process of being and becoming; where both process and outcome matter .

“The fact is, everyone is born creative and has the ability to discover, recover or develop this given the right environment. We all have different languages and voices. Mainly it’s about having fun and having a go, or if you are already experienced, about creating the space and enjoying the one-to-one tuition offered. We cater for all,” Libby says.


What did you enjoy or benefit from … the most?

“Trying out lots of different art materials. Relaxing with lovely people, feeling secure with the group leaders. Having food arrive! The Yoga was fantastic! Loved the house and grounds. I loved it all. Loved the singing part too. I was stunned that I could draw something!”

“How big is this box? Everything: starting with finding a gift & mystery envelope on my bed; Metta Eggs were magical; the way the whole process with the acrylics being transformed into cards was seen thro’ & loved the idea of making one with a message which will arrive when the time is right; meditative walking; working to music- yay; being part of a group; the blend of yoga / story telling / art / massage… well thought out / structured and organised behind the scenes. Nice one girls.”

“I enjoyed approaching art from a messy place (charcoal, ripping paper rather than tearing it). I also loved the walking meditation!”

Read all our open feedback from the last retreat we ran at Braziers.


All inclusive. £310 per person (all meals, activities + accommodation)
Pay only £270 if you bring a friend*, £230 if you bring two.

  • Six organic meals (+ teas + coffee). Special diets catered for.
  • All activities + materials
  • Two night’s accommodation (twin share) (+£24 for single room)
  • Very special gifts to take home for yourself and/or others
  • Follow-up “experience”
  • Gift on arrival

 (*Full price).

Spaces will be limited to 15 people only. Please email us to book a place or with any questions.

Directions to Braziers (near Reading) here (Google Maps) and here (Braziers website).

12 responses to “Retreats

  1. From Jazz history: “that was the idea of improvisation, where as we say you do your own thing. well yes, there was this freedom to express yourself and this was pure joy because as we all know when we can do that whether speaking or singing or playing or whaever we feel good about it when we can tell our story.

  2. Oh but for being so far away!!!!!!!!! This is something I would die for to do….maybe when my silver goes through the predictable roof…do you think this will be the first of many…why not go inteernational…it would be a hit in the Great Southern. Congratulations Libby on stretching my limits of dreaming and imagination. I love ya honey!

  3. I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m cooooooomiiiiinnnnng………….next one though. Love it, immerse the home country in all things beautiful. Excellent backdrop for an MC ‘coming out’ moment! M xxx

  4. Hello, are there any places left on this course? Do you have concessionary fees available? Do I have to be experienced at Buddhist meditation to apply?

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