Retreats – Feedback

What did you enjoy or benefit from … the most?

“How big is this box? Everything: starting with finding a gift & mystery envelope on my bed; Metta Eggs were magical; the way the whole process with the acrylics being transformed into cards was seen thro’ & loved the idea of making one with a message which will arrive when the time is right; meditative walking; working to music- yay; being part of a group; the blend of yoga / story telling / art / massage… well thought out / structured and organised behind the scenes. Nice one girls.”

“I enjoyed approaching art from a messy place (charcoal, ripping paper rather than tearing it). I also loved the walking meditation!”

“Trying out lots of different art materials. Relaxing with lovely people, feeling secure with the group leaders. Having food arrive! The Yoga was fantastic! Loved the house and grounds. I loved it all. Loved the singing part too. I was stunned that I could draw something!”

“The freedom to create without an agenda and the positive spirit of being in the group in such a wonderful location.”

“Being with a group of women and having a weekend organised for me with gorgeous food and new inspiring activities.”

What did you most want from the weekend? Did you get that?

“To let go, get away from the mundane, give myself a gift, explore my creativity and be with great people. Yes I got it.”

“I wanted a feeling of space around me on all levels and yes, I got it.”

“I wanted to break away from my usual creative dead end – this weekend helped me do that 100%”

“A break away from the winter routine. An awakening to my inner creativity.”

“Thinking time. Yes”

“Wasn’t sure what I wanted… I really enjoyed the charcoal exercise, and it was very freeing drawing to music. I loved being there just for me. To allow myself time to create something for me. I miss learning, so I loved thinking about the tasks in hand. Thank God I wasnt just asked to draw “x”, you cleverly built us up to it! Would love to try Inks. Am asking for some for my birthday!”

Was the retreat good value for money?
Yes – a stretch but worth it
Yes – affordable and worth it
Yes – I’ve paid more before for similar things 0.0%
Kind of 0.0%
Not really 0.0%
Would you like to come again?
No 0.0%
Would you recommend the Retreat or
other Egg House workshops to friends?
Probably 1 or 2 people
Probably 3-5 people
Probably 5+ 0.0%
I’ve already been telling lots of people
Probably not 0.0%
If changes were made 0.0%

Did you like the venue? How would you describe it to friends?
What would you change, if anything, about the venue?

“Loved the venue. I’ve been describing it as a delicious blend of very English grandeur and laid back philosophical commune. The food was superb. What would I change? It would be in North London and I’d live there.”

“Loved it. Couldn’t stop going on about it. The food, the location, the people who worked there, the tea and toast stations. Amazing. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Yes, I liked it. Shabby chic – bit hippy. Needs a bit of TLC. I think they could have better bed linen – only a small thing, I know.” (Note: you can bring your own.)

“Yes. It was good to get away by 3pm and be home on a sunday evening a 5.30 to be able to prepare for work the next day. The venue was more than I had imagined the detail in the building and the character held the creative space and healing energy very well and it would be lovely to visit at different seasons – it provided a lot of areas to relax and escape alone -very spacious and warm.”

“Yes the freedom to wander make tea etc was great.”

“I loved it. I described it as peaceful, calming, open and friendly with excellent food.”

Any other quick comments you want to make about your teachers, activities, information provided, cost, venue, group dynamics or general experience of the weekend?

“Next time make it a week – really.”

“Just loved it. So great to fill the well with such goodness.”

“I was very impressed with you Libby as teacher. You created a secure, focussed yet free and informed environment. Great. Really open, yet focussed. I liked thinking about the influences on other artists, and how one might be inspired in the same way. The references to Matisse, really helpful in thinking about collage. I thought the group dynamics were good. The group shared the responsibility of looking after each other well. You looked after every one really well. Thank you. xxx I will definitely come again. Would like the odd day workshop too. Same format – Yoga, art, break, art break, art. Having a physical activity like yoga so good to relax you into a different zone. My most favorite thing I took home was my fir cone drawing:)”

“The activities were just great lots of new ideas to expand on . I learnt loads and it was great to be lead in an area that life feels like it doesn’t offer us time for but it does …thankyou for showing the way.”

“It was very easy to settle in and make friends in that environment. I think that the way the group was very inviting and this helped alot. GOOD TIMES!”

Note: while we do help create a friendly environment by who we invite and seem to attract. You are also very welcome to find your own space and be alone if you wish to.

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