WHAT? A cross between dancing/walking… silent disco goes mobile… the new exercise revolution.

Walking and talking to GREAT music… endorphins start to kick in… a shimmy cant be suppressed… group spirit prevails… suddenly the streets are alive with the sound of BOOM BAH.. “every flower has a right to be blooming”.

No drugs or alcohol required…. but your song / theme requests and dressing up most welcome.

WHO? For old friends, new friends, reclusive ex-dancers, never before dancers, fitness freaks, coach potatoes, office party starters, hens, young folk kicking old habits, old folks, you folks.

Currently recruiting the team for the 2011 Summer European Festival season.

Had a random call from the Brighton Council already… wonder if they can get it together to embrace the new?? Also looking for youth workers / groups to collaborate with. Who needs drugs + alcohol when you can Dalk?

We shall see…


Reclaim the streets… woodland… South Downs… seaside… meeting places and time available on request.


Go to events for next Dalk.

Dalking goes global!

Get in touch to go Dalking in any of these places… or to start your own Great Dalk.

(Many thanks to Emma Wallace for getting the map going and the group in France and… just for being Emma… and…)

More photos from some of our pilot Dalking moments coming soon…


Okay, so by now most people will have heard about, maybe seen, the T-Mobile fake flash mob advert shot in Liverpool Street station.

Creative Engagement par excellence… with a budget (always handy).

How cool that the conversation between marketers and real life in this country is so healthy. I heard some English girls, having just returned from Australia, dissing the advertisements back “home” big time. Sadly, I think they are right.

Marketing, as practiced by old mates like lovely John Grant (co-founder of the pioneering comms agency St-Luke’s) and his ilk, can be deeply relevant and even, god forbid, wholesome.

So I was not surprised to see how The People, took up the T-Mobile meme to make real merry for themselves at the Liverpool Street Station. And even got it closed down.

Authenticity makes it all the better. Sad thing about T-Mobile  advert was – it weren’t real man. Just like the Black Eyed Peas / Oprah thing. Lovely, moving, but leaves a kind of sad spot in your heart somewhere. But the fact that this followed, makes it still work.

[[ Gra and I are chuckling romantically, remembering how he wanted to hack the tube message boards back in 1996 to help create the same thing (he thought walzing the old gent) as a kind of a love letter to our crazy-in-love stage. Cute huh. Nice when it just happens anyway… but maybe the Spread The Love Foundation will be born yet! Egg House Art warming up the space…. ]]

Viva expression and creative disobedience. (Go learn something about this at the Tate Modern on 23 January too… YES. Perfect. I’ll be there)

“There has never been a more urgent time to develop new forms of creative disobedience and artists have the skills and imagination to do this.” The Laboratory of Insurrection Imagination (running the Tate workshop)

Let’s see where our Dorking project goes, and how it connects with the capabilities of a socially networked culture with passion that must come out!

Everybody’s an artist. Everybody’s God. It’s just that they’re inhibited.

Yoko Ono


5 responses to “Dalking

  1. Let’s Dalk about sex, baby! let’s Dalk about you and me! Let’s Dalk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, etc etc

  2. Hap hap hap hap happy Happy Dalk – Dalk about things you like to do. If you don’t have a dream, you got to have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true – if you don’t Dalk happy – how you gonna have a dream come true.

  3. I used to dalk as a youngster and never even knew I was dalking. Now at least I know others have dalked. In fact they could be dalking right now.

    We can dalk if we want to… Yippee! Peace and love from Margs.

  4. Update….. Hey, met a great Artistic Director at my studio who’s right into the Theatre of the Fool. Could be a good collaboration…

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