Message Eggs

(Formerly Metta Eggs.)


This compelling, project has gone through several incarnations to become an international participatory art experience that’s changing lives daily. It offers the simplest but sometimes most difficult thing – love +  respect – with a sense of mystery and play.

Find out all about it on our new website

.. or read on for the backstory and updates (new blog needed on the website I see!)

It started in the North Laines of Brighton, on a rainy late November day in 2009. Then called “Wisdom Eggs”, they were filled with crowd sourced wisdom on Hopes + Fears (from the Pandora’s Box project) and offered to random strangers – tired shoppers and shop keepers. Responses can be found below.

It then travelled through the death of Libby’s mother and various experimental workshops and phases to become Metta Eggs, a unique new way to celebrate life and each other, while we can.  Hand crafted clay eggs with messages hidden inside them, made on commission or with participants.

People sometimes say they don’t want to break the beautiful eggs, yet when they do, the cycle of life is directly experienced in a playful ritual.

They are now available for any milestone in life (new child, wedding, big birthday, etc) and have been getting rave reviews.

“Thoughts of love and appreciation that often go unsaid.”

Since we launched the concept, website + online service in 2011, there has been a wonderful response internationally and we’ve just opened a studio in Australia. Slowly but surely we aim to love bomb the world!

“Words cannot express what this has meant to us.  We will be forever grateful.”

Perhaps most importantly now, we are talking to a range of potential partners about offering Metta Eggs as a free service for cancer patients, older people and hospice patients. One man said “Getting Metta Eggs is like attending your own funeral,” something Libby’s Mum wished she could have done (it was a great one!)

There has been a great deal of support for a pilot project from these communities and people within the Dying Matters agenda and, as well as from social enterprise and funding organisations. We aim to work with a research partner and film maker to document the project and make it available internationally to hospice and cancer care workers.

Our normal Metta Eggs service will be made available, as well as offering workshops and one-to-one bedside sessions for people living with illness or dying, and their families… to express love creatively, as well as leaving a legacy.

The impact of a “good death” and loving support during illness ripples through generations.

In the meantime, check out our new website and get in touch if you or anyone you know wants to:

  • Commission Metta Eggs
  • Come on board as a business angel / partner while we become a charity + social enterprise
  • Donate to make Metta Eggs available for people in need
  • Introduce us to research partners in social psychology, medical anthropology, therapeutic writing, hospice care, death studies etc.
  • Make a film with us (funding would be available)
  • Get involved in any other way (eg. spread the word).
  • Register for email updates on the website or like it on Facebook.

Libby was one of only 12 people chosen in 2012 to undertake an MA in Participatory + Community at  Goldsmiths University in support of this and other projects. She was also invited to be mentored by Gillie Bolton, a world reknowned expert on therapeutic writing and the Editor of “Dying, Bereavement and the Healing Arts.”

She has undertaken training with Living Well, Dying Well, the Wheel of Life Hospice and is in the Third Year of training with Triratna.

Recent international symposia + conference attended in support of the Metta Eggs project (with encouraging feedback):

  • St Christophers Hospice “Arts in a Time of Crisis” (funded by Guy + St Thomas Charity)
  • Compassion + Empathy in Society
  • Shine Unconference for Social Entrepreneurs
  • Dying Matters annual conference.

11 responses to “Message Eggs

  1. What a lovely project =]

    I didn’t open my egg straight away and ended up growing quite attached to it! … When I eventually opened it I didn’t really relate to the quote.

    However, (little did I know) I was in for quite a rocky and upsetting week, and the quote really helped me to stay positive even though it seemed impossible.

    I haven’t got the exact quote to hand, but it basically said that ‘all of the worlds greatest moments were acheived by people when there was no hope at all.’

    Thankyou for that Libby, and it was a pleasure to meet you =]

    (Aka the spotty teen from Cyberdog ^_^’)

  2. It’s interesting how giving meaning to something effects the way we perceive the world and ourselves in it hey. Glad to have been of assistance. Thanks for participating and reflecting.

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  4. What a great project…I have made some “eggs” over time and seem to have an attraction to the spherical shape…hmmm? The symbol of an egg evokes soo much…new life, food, conception, mother hens, easter, bilbies, bunnies, bacon, fragile, marble..its endlessism….

  5. From Zoe Swan (after workshop during White Nights)

    My son Isaac did this workshop last night. Libby is really kind and understanding. This is what he said about making wisdom eggs.

    ‘It was great fun, I loved getting a bit messy with the clay. I wrote messages for my whole family. I then I had to make sure I put the individual messages right in the middle of each of the eggs I made. It was really nice thinking about other people. Then I covered the clay eggs with spices or gold and silver glitter. The spices smelt really nice! We wrapped the eggs in paper nests to keep them safe. Then I put them in a bag. I’m going to save my eggs and give them out at Christmas.’ Isaac Swan 12.

    Thanks Libby – Isaac really loved it!”

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  7. treasure your friends – or – friends to treasure – or – treasure friendship – or –

    treasure your friendships or some other play on the word ‘treasure’

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