Mother Nurture



I love the promise + revival of spring.

It makes me feel alive + energised again,

after the long winter.

Natacha (participant)


The Mother Nurture Project began early Spring 2010 with 15 participants to explore the idea of creative nurturing in nature.

In just a few short weeks they walked, sat, watched, played, opened their eyes and ears to what was around them and recorded what they saw and felt.

Most did not yet see themselves as “artists”.

Libby undertook her own experiments with being in nature and reflecting creatively on what this can teach her. The Project is now being shared in an interim exhibition at City College in Brighton 10-16 June, with a film: “Re-creation”, interactive  map and 9 “flying books”. All new participants will be sent an inspiring list of local places to enjoy nature.

The pioneering first batch of creative nurturers are: Nike Bishop, Richard + Archie + Elliot Biddle-Ferguson, Leo & Peter Knapp, Pearl, Kelly + Ella, Graeme Sutherland + Beatrice Davy-Sutherland, Natacha Gordon, Cody Rothery + Assuntina Cardillo-Zallo. There ages range from 7 to 40+. English, Italian, French, Canadian, Australian, mostly Brighton-based. All delightful people who have delved right in.

We welcome enquiries from other groups / places the project and interactive, ever growing exhibition can be offered.

Photos from first installation click HERE! (Facebook)


Cody’s experiences in London. Well worth a read.




Egg House Art  invites you to share in
The Mother Nurture Project” this spring/summer –
a participatory art project connecting people + nature.

A simple experiment into caring for ourselves.

START: Spend just a moment or more with trees – sea –
sky – animals – a flower in the pavement – the wind on
your cheek. Whatever draws you in for as long as you like,
as often as you like.

OBSERVE: Watch your breathing, start to relax.
You might walk,lie down or sit. Use your senses +
intuition. Notice any effect this has.

REFLECT: Take a simple photo or two of you
(or part of you). Of what you saw – thought – felt.
Write a few words, draw, doodle, collect special
things. Whatever you do is perfect – no “right” or
“wrong”, only your individual experience.
Collect your experiences in a small sketch
book you can carry with you. See here
for inspiration. Notice how your awareness
changes over time.

SHARE: Send your experiences/photos/words/
scanned images via email to us or add them to
our online map (see website). Maybe invite a
friend/child to participate with you. Invite us to
offer the project within a place / group you are
connected to and help it grow.

“And the day came when the risk to remain
tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took
to blossom” (Anais Nin)

Download and print your own Invitation to join
The Mother Nurture Project (1 + 1 to share).

open invitation



View & print a list of recommended places for Nature Nurturing… the cheapest most reliable therapy we know of!

Add your own places / moments and keep The Mother Nurture Project growing…

Click on View Larger Map (below) to find out more…

9 responses to “Mother Nurture

  1. It has made me pause and appreciate nature around me rather than take it for granted. It has inspired me to really take in all that nature has to offer.

  2. Walking into the woods, sitting quietly and thinking about what this nature is, why am I out in it and what am I in it has deepened my thinking and feeling about nature. It has brought me more awareness of the (supposed) dominion of humans over nature, and the surrender return to nature even just taking a walk in the woods. I’m in the woods to be the opposite of in charge.

  3. I loved the experience – despite not being at all artistic I loved having time to appreciate my surroundings and how beautiful things are – it is too easy to take things for granted.
    Thanks for letting me part of it.

  4. love it sooooooo much its a wounderful expirence its really amazing the stuff my mum can do when she try,s her hardest

    “the wind blowing against your cheek is the key to the great realm of gia/pandora the wind will guide you to a great place of rest”


  5. My little flying book has made me look at the wonderful world around me and experience it instead of rushing through on my way to something supposedly more urgent.

    I watched a dragonfly perching on my peony bush and as I stood there, I knew I too exist but for a beautiful moment on this beautiful planet. What a liberating sensation.

  6. Looking out my window at work towards Slade Island near Mackay in tropical Queensland and watching all the boats heading out of the small harbour.

    Remembering all the marine experiences in nature that I’ve had over the years and planning more in the future with our trailer sailer ‘Pandion’. Although, snorkelling is more difficult up here with marine stingers out to get you…

  7. Being here in Perth, W.A has brought me back to nature. i have the time to meditate and reflect on the beauty of the most simple of things. The moving shadows in the breeze of the branches, the many exotic birds flying by – parrots, cockatiels,galahs – all common place here. Ibis like old pokey nosed men stalking around the local pond. Dragonflies and The bees buzzing, a baby snake under the tree. Nothing much grows in my garden except weeds but the pure undifused light here from a clear blue sky makes the everyday glow.

  8. To be unnerved by events changing the course of life yet to be able to wonder at the lapping of the water against the jetty, to lie naked against the warm grass, to sift sand between the toes, to watch the ants making their way across the kitchen bench, to sing with the birds as they taste their sweet nectar, to marvel at the joys right before my very eyes is to be present in this moment, loving it all.

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